About Us​

HWA XIA Traditional Chinese Medicine originated in 2007. Huaxia always adheres to superior medical skills and noble medical ethics to bring good news to patients and relieve their pain. The medical team has grown from the initial 3 people to 30 people today. The Dabayao branch has also been operating since 2008.

您的健康 我们的幸福






Your Health, Our Happiness. Your health is our delight.

HwaXia Chinese Medicine, founded in 2007, is committed to relieving patients’ pain through superior medical techniques and ethical practices. Starting with a small team of three, we’ve grown to a unit of 30 skilled practitioners, and continue to serve our patients dedicatedly.

Our branch in Toa Payoh, operating since 2008, exemplifies our commitment to quality healthcare. We stay true to the core essence of modern Chinese medicine while embracing technological advancements, always prioritizing the growth and overall health of our patients.

Our comprehensive healthcare services encompass general Chinese medicine, orthopedic trauma care, acupuncture treatments, microwave and medium frequency physiotherapy, fumigation bed therapy, acupressure massage, and classical medicine decoction treatment. We aim to alleviate patients’ pain holistically and improve their quality of life.

As Hwaxia Chinese Medicine continues to flourish, we have achieved notable milestones in strengthening our brand, innovating, and passing down traditional Chinese medical culture. Today, our brand is well-recognized by the public, testifying to our significant contribution to Singapore’s societal development.


140 Upper Bukit Timar Road 03-07, Beauty World Plaza (Not Beauty World Centre) Singapore 588176
+65 6969 0264
Operating Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9am to 9pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm


34 Whampoa West #01-71 Singapore 330034
+65 6296 3066
Operating Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9am to 9pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm


20 LORONG 7 TOA PAYOH #01 – 746 Singapore 310020, Singapore
+65 6250 1037
Operating Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9am to 9pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm

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