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您的健康 我们的幸福

华厦中医始源于2007年, 华夏中医始终坚持以高超的医术,高尚的医德,为患者带来福音,解除病痛。医疗队伍已经从初期的3人壮大到今天的30人。大巴窑分店也在2008年开始营业至今。

您的健康 我们的幸福






Your Health, Our Happiness. Your health is our delight.

HwaXia Chinese Medicine, founded in 2007, is committed to relieving patients’ pain through superior medical techniques and ethical practices. Starting with a small team of three, we’ve grown to a unit of 30 skilled practitioners, and continue to serve our patients dedicatedly.

Our branch in Toa Payoh, operating since 2008, exemplifies our commitment to quality healthcare. We stay true to the core essence of modern Chinese medicine while embracing technological advancements, always prioritizing the growth and overall health of our patients.

Our comprehensive healthcare services encompass general Chinese medicine, orthopedic trauma care, acupuncture treatments, microwave and medium frequency physiotherapy, fumigation bed therapy, acupressure massage, and classical medicine decoction treatment. We aim to alleviate patients’ pain holistically and improve their quality of life.

As Hwaxia Chinese Medicine continues to flourish, we have achieved notable milestones in strengthening our brand, innovating, and passing down traditional Chinese medical culture. Today, our brand is well-recognized by the public, testifying to our significant contribution to Singapore’s societal development.

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Acupuncture 中医针灸

TCM Massage 中医推拿

Cupping 拔罐

Each of us has a unique body constitution, which is influenced by hereditary traits, environmental factors and lifestyle habits. TCM’s approach to treating diseases takes into account your body constitution and targets the root cause to address your symptoms. It aims to help you regain internal balance and strengthen your body’s resistance to diseases. This can be done through herbal prescriptions, which can consist of sachets of purified concentrated herbal granules, or come in pill or capsule form. Consumption is convenient: just dissolve the herbal granules in hot water and consume the resulting brew; for pills and capsules, take with a glass of warm water. Our TCM physicians prescribe herbal medications to treat various health issues including:
  • Fertility
  • Skin conditions
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Endocrine diseases
  • Neurological conditions
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Sub-health


  • 生殖健康
  • 皮肤病症
  • 呼吸道疾病
  • 胃肠疾病
  • 内分泌疾病
  • 神经系统疾病
  • 中风康复
  • 亚健康状态
Acupuncture involves inserting thin, sterile needles into your body to stimulate specific acupoints. It is based on the TCM concept that energy, or Qi, circulates throughout our body along energy pathways called meridians.  Each meridian is connected to a specific organ system and has important stimulation points situated along it, called acupoints. In a healthy person, Qi flows smoothly along the meridians, and energy is well-dispersed throughout the channels. Energy flow may be disrupted by a variety of pathogenic (disease-causing) factors, such as wind, cold or dampness. This causes the energy flow to be imbalanced within the body, and pain or symptoms will arise. Acupuncture will restore your internal energy balance and activates your body’s natural ability to heal. What medical conditions can acupuncture help to treat? Acupuncture can be used to treat the following conditions:
  • Pain management
  • Sports injuries
  • Fertility enhancement
  • Men’s health and women’s health issues
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Neurological disorders
It can also be used for:
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Weight management
  • Insomnia, fatigue, poor memory and depression
针灸是通过在您的身体上插入细小的无菌针来刺激特定穴位的方法。这是基于中医的概念,即能量或气在我们的身体中沿着称为经络的能量通道循环。每个经络都与特定的器官系统相连,并在其上有重要的刺激点,称为穴位。 在人身上,气沿着经络顺畅流动,能量在通道中分布良好。各种病原性(引起疾病的)因素,如风、寒冷或潮湿,可能会中断能量流动。这导致体内能量流动失衡,从而产生疼痛或症状。针灸可以恢复您的内部能量平衡,并激活您身体的自然愈合能力。 针灸可以用来治疗以下状况:

  • 疼痛管理
  • 运动伤害
  • 提高生育能力
  • 男性健康和女性健康问题
  • 中风康复
  • 胃肠疾病
  • 呼吸道疾病
  • 神经系统疾病
  • 面部焕发
  • 体重管理
  • 失眠、疲劳、记忆力差和抑郁症
Cupping is a treatment method that is used to:
  • Relieve myofascial tension, neck, shoulder and backaches
  • Dispel toxins and promote Qi-Blood circulation to aid in the treatment of a variety of conditions ranging from acne, cough to weight-loss
  • Relieve stress and improve general well-being
It involves applying suction to affected areas or acupoints using special cups made of glass or plastic. This suction loosens the soft tissue and increases microcirculation in the area. Depending on your condition, different cupping techniques may be used:
Stationary cupping: Cups are placed on your body for five to ten minutes
Flash cupping: Cups are quickly placed and removed from the body
Glide cupping: Lubricant is applied to allow cups to glide back and forth on the skin painlessly
Cupping therapy is often complemented with Chinese herbal medication or acupuncture.

  • 缓解肌筋筋膜张力,颈、肩和背部疼痛
  • 排出毒素并促进气血循环,以帮助治疗从痤疮、咳嗽到减肥的各种条件
  • 缓解压力和提高整体健康水平
拔罐涉及到使用玻璃或塑料制成的特殊杯子,对受影响的区域或穴位进行抽吸。这种吸力可以松动软组织并增加该区域的微循环。 根据您的状况,可以使用不同的拔罐技术:
静止拔罐: 杯子被放置在你的身体上五到十分钟。
闪灼拔罐: 杯子迅速地放置并从身体上移除。
滑动拔罐: 涂抹润滑剂,使杯子可以在皮肤上无痛地来回滑动。

Moxibustion is a form of herbal heat therapy. It strengthens immunity, improves Qi-Blood circulation and dispels pathogenic factors such as cold and dampness.

Moxibustion is suitable for those with a TCM diagnosis of Yang deficiency or Qi-Blood stagnation. It commonly used in the treatment of women’s health and fertility issues, chronic pain, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Moxibustion is often complemented with Chinese herbal medication or acupuncture.




Auricular therapy is a therapeutic method that involves stimulating acupoints in the ear to treat various disorders.

The ear is a microcosm of the whole body. It contains acupoints or auricular points, which represents internal and other anatomical structures. By stimulating these auricular points, the functions of the body’s internal organs and structures can be regulated.

Auricular therapy can treat various conditions such as:

  • Addiction
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite reduction to combat obesity
  • Pain management
  • Myopia in children

Treatment may be carried out using thin sterile needles or non-invasive ear seeds.

Auricular acupoints may be stimulated for a longer period of time with ear seeds. Ear seeds are small seeds from the Vaccaria plant. Adhesive tape holds these seeds in place, and may be replaced every three to five days. The acupoints are stimulated by applying gentle pressure on the pellets for one minute each, two to three times a day.




  • 成瘾症
  • 失眠
  • 治疗肥胖的食欲减退
  • 疼痛管理
  • 儿童近视




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